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Our expert team helps customers optimise their production processes, achieving quality improvements, cost savings, and reduced manufacturing time.

Improved Cutting Conditions and Tool Life

Work Piece : Chrome Copper Alloy, 130-150 HB

Problem :  Vibration, Noise, Short Tool life, Surface Finish, Cycle Time

Solution : Introduced HPMT #K31-1200, 3-flute square end mill Ø12.00 with differential pitch and low friction coating H2600.

The tool increased spindle speed from 5,500 to 7,400 rpm, and Vf from 1,800 rpm to 3,400 rpm while using same  Ap=6.0mm and Ae=6. 0 mm

Results : Vibration and noise problems had been solved, surface finish had also been improved. Thanks to its differential pitch(DP) flute design and low friction coating. The cut surface is smooth and shiny.

Cycle time reduced by ……….%, MRR increased from…….. to…….cm3/min or ……….% , Tool life increased from 90 pieces to 120 pieces (30%), achieved with the same tool and cutting time.

Reduced Cutting Process, Decreased Tool Changes, Improved Cutting Conditions

Work Piece : Injection Molds, Material : CENA-G

Problem : Low productivity, too many tool changes, insert rapid wear, work piece reworks, vibration

Process : Roughing

Solution : Introduced hi-feed holder EXSKKS-5063-22 (Ø63.00,5N), 6-corner insert WNMU090720ZER-PM, JC8118 and better cutting parameters

Condition : S = 650 rpm, Vf = 2,400 mm/min, Ae = 55.00 mm, Ap = 1.00 mm, Fn = 3.69 mm/rev.

Results : New tool choice and cutting parameters allows for smooth machining, low cutting force, and less power consumption. Vibration is disappeared entirely.  MRR = 132 cm3/min.

Only 1 cutting corner achieves 5 processes continuously. Lasts 3 hours 10 minutes without tool changes. While the previous tool takes 5 corners and 5 processes and 5 tool changes due to short tool life.

Improved Cutting Conditions and Tool Life

Work piece: Injection Mold, Material: PX4

Problem : Short tool life, vibration, chattering & noise, low material removal rate (long machining time)

Process : Semi-roughing

Solution : Introduced Dijet EXSKS-4050R-11(hi-feed milling cutter Ø50.0 mm, 6-corner insert, 4-N), and insert WNMU090720ZER-PM, JC8118

Condition: S = 600 rpm, Vf = 1,650 mm/min, Ae = 25.0 mm, Ap = 0.5 mm, Fn = 2.75 mm/rev.

Results: Vibration that causes chattering marks and noise disappeared and completed the job in 4 hours with 1 cutting corner. Thanks to its 3D insert design and new coating JC8118.

The used insert shows small normal wear and able to continue cutting.

Reduced Cutting Process & Cost

Work piece : Auto parts, material is SCS13

Problem : High Tooling Cost/Unit and many processes needed

Process : Flat bottom drilling.

Solution : Dijet flat drill TLDM-085, Ø8.5 MM, S= 1,100 rpm, Vf = 99 mm/min(fn = 0.07 mm/rev).

Result : only 1 process is applied instead of 3 processes as spotting, drilling and milling. Time saved and tool cost reduced 89% from Baht 112.45/pce to only Baht 12.01/pce.

Reduced Cycle Time 70 min to 50 min

Work Piece : Injection Mold

Material : S50C, 200 Hb.

Problem : High cutting force, vibration, chattering & noise, low feed per tooth and rapid tool wear.

Solution : Introduced modular head system of Dijet QM Mill MPM-2010-M16 (Ø10.0 mm, 2N) and MSM-M6-12-S10C carbide shank, and insert EOMT060220ZER, JC8050 to replace competitor steel shank holder.

Results : Achieved smooth cutting without vibrationand noise. Chatter marks also disappeared. Increase metal removal rate (MRR)from 6.768 cm3/min to 13.74 cm3/min or 203% increased. Machining time reduced from 70 min to 50 min or 20% saved.

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